Blogs I’ve been following…

OK.  Here’s an easy start – blogs that I follow.

1 – Bookslut – fascinating interviews, reviews of books, and just general revelry around books

2 – Mashable – keeps me savvy in the social media world…downside is that never have I spent so much time on youtube!

3 – Zenhabits – great articles on minimalist living, and taking a zen approach to life…helps me destress

4 – Librarified – Gretchen (my librarian classmate and colleague) keeps this blog on all subjects library, especially young adult topics

5 – Broken Secrets – Fun facts to kill time

6 – The Onion – the only reliable news source

7 – Our Bodies Our Blog – Women’s health news…always good to be up to date on that!

8 – – not for the faint of heart…all things sex (but intelligent also)

9 – Real Beauty – great tips on makeup, hair, etc. etc.  you know – girly things

10 – An American Girl in London– My lovely Ellie’s blog about her upcoming experience in vet school in London

11 – OnFiction – fascinating research about literature…

12 –Entertaining Half Thoughts – what could be better than a combination of Geography, Philosophy, Kansas, and randomness….nothing…that is why I read my favorite college roommate’s blog =)

It took me awhile to understand the appeal of blogs – I didn’t understand the wide variety of topics that are out there.  Turns out, there’s a blog for every taste – and since personal email is blocked at my work, naturally I turned to blogs for my time wasting…I mean, entertainment.


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  1. Emily
    Aug 07, 2010 @ 03:08:00

    Yay! Thanks for following my blog. Also, I will have to check out some of the other blogs you follow. I have read tinynibbles and it has a lot of fascinating/interesting posts. And of course the Onion. And Ellie’s blog. Soo…. we shall see how our foray into blogging goes…


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