A few goals…

OK.  So there are a few things that I’ve been wanting to work on for quite awhile – not New Year’s resolution type stuff, just habit-changing, etc. to live healthier and happier.  So here are the top priorities:

1 -Try to be more minimalist (OK, not working out so well since I just went shopping today and bought many superfluous items, BUT in my defense, after buying two pairs of shoes, I got rid of 6 and after buying 3 pairs of jeans, I got rid of 5 pairs…it’s progress…)

2 – Read more (this is always on my list since it seems like I will never have enough time to read all of the books that I want to – but I think if I could just not get addicted to any more TV shows, it could help this effort)

3 – Exercise regularly (I’ve actually been doing an OK job of this…for about 6 weeks now I’ve exercised at least 3 to 4 times a week, which is a lot more than I used to: 0 times per week)

4 – Avoid fast food ( I won’t say eat healthier in general, because even though I try to do that I am a sucker for sugar and carbs.  However, if I could learn to avoid fast food more and more, I think it would be a step in the right direction?)

5 – Find a job (yuck.)

6 – Return voicemails and missed calls (Really…I will try)

7 – Avoid hangovers (really, they’re not pleasant, this one should be easy…but it’s so hard to turn down good beer, even if I’ve already had 5…)

8 – Write daily (whether it’s in my personal journal or my blog, writing is something I used to do a lot more of, and it’s time to start up again)

9 – Be nicer to myself (In other words, if I “fail” to meet all of these goals, if I buy more stuff, if I skip a couple of days of exercise, don’t beat myself up about it – focus on small victories, progression, and effort…be more positive.  Maybe it sounds cliche, but there’s no point in focusing on the things I’m not doing or not doing well enough, it’s a waste of energy)

10 – In the words of the dog whisperer, “live in the now” (no more worrying about what happened in the past or what will happen in the future…it takes time away from what I’m doing now.)

11 – Stop biting my nails once and for all!  (Ugh, I hate that habit, why is it so hard to kick??)

So there it is, 11 things that I am going to work on (or on and off), and maybe some of them are a little kitschy … but I think all of them will help me feel better whether it be emotionally, mentally, or physically.  It’s easy to think about doing these things…I don’t know if writing them down will make them any easier to accomplish – but it’s worth a shot, right?


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