And the even more disturbing thing about technology…

Ok, I’m not even sure what to say about this article.  I mean, how do you even begin to go through the potential problems of creating a “virtual girlfriend”, let alone paying to go on vacation with her?

My own feminist feelings aside, let’s focus on this interaction with technology.  What is there to gain from living in a world that relatively speaking is based primarily on a computer animated person?  Are people that desperate to escape what’s around them…or that afraid to look for interaction with <gasp> a real person?  As this kind of technology progresses, I have to ask these questions:  What real benefit does it bring (how does it make the world a better place)?  If there is no true benefit, what are the ethical implications of creating this kind of technology, promoting it, making money from it, etc.?  And really…what’s next?


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  1. Emily
    Sep 01, 2010 @ 15:07:06

    And so you reach the heart of my dissertation… Virtual space is becoming increasingly important in our lives (perhaps to the point where it has more meaning than physical space?). This new emphasis on virtual spaces is changing the way we interact with our physical surroundings. Case in point: going to a destination because it is linked to a video game. I don’t think it has anything to do with escaping the real world or avoiding physical interaction. I think that our society has become so involved with technology that for some people the experiences they have virtually are just as real and valid (perhaps more so) as those they have physically. And therein lies an excellent question: what is it that makes an experience real or satisfying?

    I will probably steal this article and put it in my paper that I am writing about foursquare. Just so you know… Thanks!


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