A little Victorian Literature to start the morning…

I have to share this because it brings back such fond memories of my Victorian Literature days with Professor Krasner.  One of the topics of our class was an in depth look at Sherlock Holmes.  Professor Krasner brought our attention to all sorts of common misconceptions based merely on popular culture and not on the books themselves.  One of those things was the fact that Sherlock Holmes never actually said the phrase “Elementary, my dear Watson” (also the fact that he was a pretty big jerk, a drug addict, and a bit of an anti-hero).  So when I checked up on one of the blogs I follow, I was delighted to see a post about Holmes himself and a few other interesting facts – like the connection between Holmes and the popular series House.

So I’d like to dedicate this post to Professor James Krasner, my favorite English Lit professor at the University of New Hampshire – he was always driving home the fact that most of the popular culture we’re surrounded with today is heavily influenced by literary themes and classic literature of the past…and once again, he was right!